About ROI
Return Of Illinois
( ROI ) Voters and Politicians Working to Return Integrity In State Government
About ROI

ROI is a community of believers, Jewish and Christian, Republican and Democrat, Independent and Libertarian, who perceive that the corruption in our state is a moral issue, a spiritual issue, a matter of faith.  We believe that change must come, and that it will not come from within the system as currently established. 

Long-Term change within Illinois has to be non-partisan, and therefore ROI does not owe allegiance to any party, but rather to our conscience, and our "conscience is held captive by the Word of God, & to act against conscience is neither right nor safe."
--M. Luther 1521

We invite you to join the conversation and browse our website.  Let the General Assembly hear Your Voice by supporting
the online petition for change and attend one of our meetings.

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